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Disney Tangled Magazine

Disney Tangled The Series magazine
Kids can express themselves and enjoy every 52 page magazine. Each amazing issue includes:

Exciting Disney Tangled The Series comic stories to read

Fairy-tale activities, coloring, and features

Fun games to play and enjoy

Creative crafts to do, and things to make

Quizzes to solve

Rapunzel's Gallery; featuring readers' pictures

Collectible pull-out poster, and loads more!

Suggested reader age 6 - 12yrs

6 official Tangled The Series magazines published every year!

Available on the newsstand in the US and Canada.

Subscriptions available in the US only.


Disney Tangled The Series magazine is aimed at children aged 6 - 12 years. The magazine is designed to make learning fun, while helping to develop key skills and abilities with the characters they love.

Key areas of learning include:
Personal, social and emotional development
Reading and writing
Expression and creativity
Communication and language development
Physical development






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Disney Tangled the Series Magazine



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